At the chip shop

My turn to cook tonight, so .. chip shop. I was up there just an hour ago. Whilst being served we had to wait the obligatory 50 seconds for the potatoes to turn into.. slightly hotter potatoes (I really wish they wouldn’t do that). Anyways. While we’re waiting, the other member of staff, who’s a young girl and obviously new, wants to add up an order. I swear on my life that this is what happened…

New girl – “Can I add this up while we’re waiting for the chips?”

More experienced girl – “Yeah sure, there’s a calculator by the till there. What you adding up?”.

New girl – “Two sausage and chips”

More experienced girl (not hearing it properly) – “Two what?”

New girl – “Do I use the decimal point?”

More experienced girl – “It doesn’t matter either way.”

New girl – “So it’s 2 dot 10 multiplied by 2 dot 10”

…. strewth girl… you’re going to be serving chips for a loooooooooooooooong time :(