Titanic in film and on TV

There’s one thing that strikes me about the new ITV1 drama – Titanic. It’s not the storyline, the characters or the cost. It just shows how much we’ve all changed.

If you went to see the original Titanic Movie in 1997 then you may remember sitting in the cinema and hearing audible gasps from the audience when the Titanic first appeared on screen. A computer, or bank of computers, had generated that ship and brought it to life again. We saw the ship in dock and sailing across the ocean. It was stunning. We saw people walking on it, we saw water splashing along it.. we were amazed.

Then… fast forward to today. We see even better graphics. We see the ship looking even more real. We see smoke, we see the ship and cars on the dock. But, we’ve become so blasé about it all. It’s so matter of fact now. You almost sit there and think “Yeah, yeah, it’s the Titanic, get to the next scene”…