Cloud Data centre – Possibly the worst term for it

I work with virtualisation daily. Apart from the constant battle with the letter “z” (virtualise / virtualize / virtualisation / virtualization) and the incorrect spelling of “data centre” as “datacenter” there’s another thing that bugs me.

“The cloud”

What a crap name. In reality, the ideal solution for many is a protected, resilient, private virtual data centre. But hey, let’s just call it a “cloud”.

Clouds are fluffy white things in the sky. They float about and are damp. If they get too close to the ground everyone calls it “fog” and has trouble getting from A to B. These are not secure and solid places to store your data.

Given the choice, where would you stick your USB data stick? In a safe environment known as “the locker” or a safe environment known as “the cloud”.

Sorry.. perhaps it’s just me, but it bugs me :)