Embarrassing Bodies confuses me

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the reasoning behind Embarrassing Bodies as a TV show. It’s telling people to get checked out. Go to the Doctor and get those niggling issues sorted out instead of hiding them away. It’s basically better to be safe than sorry.

My wife loves the show and we usually end up watching it. The whole “Embarrassing” part is confusing because there’s a seemingly endless stream of people going onto the show, quite willing to show various bits of their body in front of millions of viewers. This is confusing because, for reasons best known to themselves, they weren’t prepared to do this with their local Doctors and instead waited for Channel 4 to roll up in a big truck.

The show usually goes like this…

Weird-looking Doctor – “So, what’s the problem”

Guy – “Well Doctor, I’ve got absolutely massive piles that I’ve done nothing about for years”

Weird-looking Doctor – “Ohh… OK, bend over and we’ll get Camera 2 to do a massive close-up on your sweaty hole”

Me – “Bleughhh… I didn’t go HD for THIS !!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE EMBARRASSED ABOUT IT!!!! AGGHHH!!!”

Even worse, there’s now a “Live Clinic” version with people hooking into the show live via WEBCAM. There they are, getting their privates out in front of their webcams… probably not the first time. I’m sure I heard the guy last night say, “Yeah, look at it.. look at my penis…”

Strange. And stranger still, one of the Doctors presenting it said, “OK ladies, sign onto our website at channel4.com and send us pictures of your breasts”.

WHA!? Can’t you get arrested for this ?

Link – Embarrrassing Bodies