So, this is a tricky post to write


I’ll come straight out with this. Blokes, when you’re at the urinals, we all do roughly the same thing. Unzip, pee, a quick shake, then zip, wash and go.

But today.. today my peripheral vision couldn’t help but notice something.

It’s the same for every bloke probably. You go to the toilets at work (in this example) and usually – if there’s three urinals – most blokes will choose the first one or the third one. However, sometimes you do have to stand directly next to another guy.

In this instance most blokes stare directly down or up at the wall. If you’re in a pub drunk, you might spark up a conversation, but usually it’s wall-staring.

Sadly though, your peripheral vision can pick things up..

Today the guy next to me was going through the pre-approved routine. Walk up to the urinal, pee, then shake and…
…hmm… He’s still shaking, pulling and…

He did this for what seemed like 30 seconds.

Now, don’t get me wrong. No-one wants “dribbleage” but, personally, I think he was having a bit of “afternoon delight”. I can only assume he was doing this in public because all the cubicles were full or, perhaps more probably, he was just weird.