The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Well, sadly our great British weather decided to play cruel tricks on us once again. From nearly 30 degrees C last week down to just 6 to 9 degrees C and chucking it down today. It stopped for a short while, but sadly a lot of those making a trip to London to see the Queen and the flotilla got drenched. The Queen seemed to enjoy the start of the event and I had to admire how she stood in the wind for so long at the age of 86.

However, the bit that made me feel the most “British” had to be the poor sods on top of the London Philharmonic Orchestra boat. They were, I understand, from the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir. Despite the fact that they were frozen solid and so, so, so wet through, they sang their bloody hearts out. Top stuff.

Oh, and some bloody excellent coverage from the likes of BBC and Sky News.

Link – BBC Coverage