Mission Impossible 4

So, as you might or might not know, I tend to get a bit geeky and anal when watching movies. If they push the reality envelope a little too much it irks me. I don’t know why.

Mission Impossible 4 was going well. The gloves that helped him climb the building – I can deal with that. The camera and screen that made the Russian guards think that the corridor was empty. I can deal with that.

It was all going well until the final few scenes, when Jane Carter (Paula Patton) was tasked with shoving two drives into the front of a server. Simple enough yes, but she had to do it when the power was activated (the baddies had knocked off the power, so William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) was busy attacking the baddies and trying to turn on the power.

Anyway, he manages to knock the power back on and she shoves the drives in – seconds later (and I’ll try not to blow the ending for you) everything is working.

Now… I can deal with the floating magnetic suit, the gloves that help you climb glass, even the iPhone that unlocks doors…. but a Dell server with a RAID array that rebuilds itself and then boots in 5 seconds FLAT ?!

Get outta heeerreeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!