Moyles – The end

So, I can’t really say that this was unexpected, but Chris Moyles is to leave his Radio 1 breakfast show. It is, if we’re honest, the end of his time at Radio 1 too. He’ll be “taking a break” when the show completes in September and then will probably appear in just a weekend slot until the end of his contract. Nick Grimshaw will replace him.

I’ve listened to Moyles since he was on Signal One in Stoke. He broke the mould and questioned authority. I vividly remember him ejecting a Kylie Minogue CD half-way through the song and smashing it on the floor ranting, “We play this bloody track 4 times every hour. AGHHH! It’s annoying. Where’s the variety?”

Over the years he’s had a gradual “moulding” from BBC bosses, with his comedy routines and songs slowly slipping out of his shows (remember the afternoon shows?) Over the last few years and months he’s forgotten his roots, talking about his time in Los Angeles, new car and London home whilst Brits struggle through a recession. His ego got slightly out of control too.

Sadly I doubt the new DJ’s will have any kind of individuality and radio as a whole will slip into a mushy mess of samey-sounding DJ’s.