Fast and Furious

OK, ITV2.. or possibly ITV3…possibly even ITV2+1 … I’m not so sure, but either way they’re showing “2 Fast 2 Furious“.

It is, and I have to say this, appalling on every level. I have a few annoyances with it..

– For some reason the makers of the film think that every car with a “stick shift” has at least 400+ gears. Every scene seems to involve the “dudes” changing up a gear, and when racing them seem to go faster by just changing up another gear. Surely, if you’re racing someone, you’re going as fast as possible, so you’re not going to be sitting in fifth gear just for a laugh?

– The makers of the film think that the driver can do a 180 degree spin, then go into reverse and maintain the same speed as other traffic which is traveling at around 55mph on a crowded US Highway.

– The makers believe that cars (according to the sound track at least) can change into another reverse gear to improve speed still further whilst still going backwards.

– The makers were obviously right on all levels, because it cost $76 million to make and brought in around $237 million at the box office, so I’m obviously wrong.