Dreams, just what do they mean?

My dreams are a little weird. My wife sometimes remembers hers and they’re usually fairly self-explanatory and related to the events in her life.

Mine, however, are just completely strange.

A few weeks ago I had a pretty strange one. In it, I came downstairs to find Lady Gaga fitting us a new kitchen. She seemed to be having trouble with some of the doors so I helped her out. Lady Gaga.

Next, I had a dream that I was going to work, however it was at my old employers and they now had a new office. This office was, for some reason, in the back of the local butchers. I walked in, went behind the counter, past the fridges and into a door that led to a new office. Everyone was there, but they were sat at school desks.

Last night, I was at the pub with Rolf Harris.

So… Explain that lot….