The toilet phone

I’ve mentioned this before but it continues to baffle me. Yet again someone came into the toilets to work, went into a cubicle and used his phone. This time was even worse because, as I was washing my hands, he proceeded to make a phone call.

What was said I’m not entirely sure, but I had fun with the hand-dryer once again and smirked to myself as he tried to continue the call. After a good minute or two of rather loud Dyson hand-drying action and his voice getting progressively louder, I walked out, but the whole idea of doing this puzzles me.

Perhaps it’s a little window into the private lives of my colleagues. I’ve already marked out those who think it’s fine to exit a cubicle and stroll out without washing their hands.

Using the phone whilst on the loo, I think we all do that. Texting, browsing, yeah.

Making a call in a public toilet whilst in a cubicle? That crosses into the “weird” arena for me.