Watch out, I’m going to get political

I don’t often blog about politics. Vote for whoever you want, don’t listen to me.

However, I’m completely losing faith with any of our major political parties. Firstly we have the Liberal Democrats. They promised something during the elections, then did the exact opposite. At the next election I’m not sure how they’re supposed to differentiate themselves from the Conservatives.

Next we have Labour, with Mr Charisma, Ed Milliband, at the helm. Look at him. FFS… I just don’t get him as a bloke. He’s obviously getting all that presentation “training” and he’s doing the hand movements that are meant to show that his points have “meaning” and “depth”. But, even though he’s trying to change, he just seems like a posh boy at school who’s pretending to be in charge. What’s all this “One Nation” business in the recent Labour Conference? Are we in America? Does he want “One Nation, Under God”? Sod off you wet lettuce.

Since when were we pledging allegiance to the Flag ?

Meanwhile, the Conservatives seem incapable of adding up, as the tendering process of the West Coast Mainline was completely screwed up from start to finish. There’s so many questions it’s hilarious. An utter shambles. They didn’t even think to work inflation into their calculations. Are they bloody nuts?

Meanwhile, First Group thought they were only 2 months away from running trains up and down the line. Surely they must have sourced staff and trains? Now all their money is wasted, and the Government have also got to reimburse £40 million to the bidders.

£40 million compensation? Our Government haven’t even got enough money to cut the grass! This, combined with all that pie-tax shambles, isn’t filling me with confidence.

Oh and don’t get me started on the changes to the NHS..