Watching a movie. No wonder people pirate them


Today I took my son to see a film. We wanted to see “The Rise of the Guardians”. It took a while to park because it was so busy and I had to go into the cinema to pay for the parking as the machines outside didn’t accept cards or notes. After pumping £2.10 in the parking machine I held out a crisp £20 note for me and my son to watch the movie.

“That’ll be £20.30 with the 3D glasses mayte”, said a rather unglamorous and bored bloke behind the counter.

Now, it could just be me getting old, but more than £20 for two people to watch a bloody film? Is it just me?

Either way, after finding 30p in my car-park change we decided to go and buy a hot dog because it was lunch time.

“£7.20 please mate”, said the very same bored guy (who’d moved from the “booking office” to the “refreshments” desk).

Seriously?! £7.20 for a hot dog and bottle of water?

So far I’ve spent almost £30 for just two of us to watch a movie.

After I’d chilled out a bit I had a think. Sure, it was a 3D movie – they cost more. Sure, I had to buy two pairs of glasses for a £1 each. But, if you look in the listings, the movie is shown several times in 3D but only ONCE in 2D (which is a tad cheaper), so they seem to be reducing the showings of the cheaper movies.

Odeon Cinemas, I salute you. Charging to park, charging a fortune to see the film and THEN charging more than an Ibiza nightclub to drink a bottle of water and eat.