UK Snow – “Sorry, I can’t get to work”. The truth..

Today we’ve had a sprinkling of snow. It’s nothing compared to what other countries cope with, but somehow we’ve all gone crazy and companies have either closed down for the day or had their workforce depleted because they’re “snowed in”.

I managed to get to work, and got there quicker than normal thanks to the fact that no-one else bothered. The roads had been gritted and, provided you were relatively careful, everything was fine.

So at lunch I took a walk around the business park to see how other businesses were doing. Roughly 75% were closed completely, and it wasn’t even for the afternoon – I’d seen these places empty in the morning too.

Here’s a shot of about 6 businesses and their deserted car parks…


Now, although I know it’s better to be “safe than sorry” I decided to walk round to the local cinema and “Quasar Laser” centre. It was there that I noticed a very strange thing… Parents taking their kids inside… Dozens and dozens of parked cars.. Could these be the very same people who were too “snowed in” to get to work???!!