HD Channels on Sky are still a nightmare to navigate

So BBC HD is now BBC2 HD and BBC1 HD has moved postitions.

If you want the full HD channels you cna of course use the planner, but I’m one of those people who prefers to just stick channel numbers in. If you want the HD channels then all you need to do is…

1 – Instead of 101 for BBC1 go to 141, but you STILL don’t get local programming because the BBC are dragging their heels over this big-time.
2 – Instead of 102 for BBC2 go to 142.
3 – Instead of 103 for ITV1 got to 178.
4 – Instead of 104 for Channel 4 go to 230.
5 – Instead of 105 for Channel 5 go to 171.

I’ve got a HD box. Just replace all the normal numbers with the HD equivalents. Heck, I don’t mind if I lose the local BBC News.