Anthony Weiner is a tool

On my trips to the US I’ve often had locals comment on my accent. It ranges from “cute” to “great” or “wonderful”. This is mainly because the US public hasn’t heard the various British accents that often. It’s not on TV much and it’s not familiar, which is the complete opposite of us with the American accents we hear on TV regularly.

Step forward Anthony Weiner, New York Democrat and mayoral candidate for New York. I don’t know much about him to be fair, but based on the video below his attitude stinks.

In this interview with ITV News reporter Lucy Watson, he comments how it’s difficult to take her seriously because of her accent (ITV News is a major UK news provider) and then starts to compare the interview to a Monty Python sketch. He hardly pays any attention to Lucy or gives her any respect. This Man, as you’ll see below, is a cock..

Don’t even get me started on the fake weather report and the comments he makes at the end…