OK, go on then, here’s another tune… or two.. or three.. or more..

I was in two minds about blogging this one, but it’s stuck in my head for several days so I’m guessing it must be doing something right. It’s the new one from the Freemasons featuring Katherine Ellis..

.. not doing it for you ? How about the Ariana and The Rose track called “Heartbeat”, mixed by Jodie Harsh?


Oh come on.. you must love that. How about Chase & Status with “Count On Me” then ?

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Paper Aeroplane should definitely do it…

No? This one then. This has been banging around my speakers for quite some time now. Mike Mago, “The Show”. Starts off quietly enough, then gets deep and dark, before tweaking up some 1908’s vibes.. at least in my head anyways..

Right, it that’s still not lighting your candle, here’s a big one from summer 2013. Sigma featuring Taylor Fowlis, “Summer Calling” ..


OK I give up. If you don’t like anything I’m going to mess your head up with Tinie Tempah..