Governments lie. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

This week where we’ve found out how the Government lied about the amount of pits planned to close in the 80’s. Back in 1984 the miners’ strike began. At the time the government stated that only 20 pits were due to close. However, newly released documents show that there was actually an agreement to shut 75 pits by the following year.

Let’s be honest, at the moment we really don’t know who to trust. Each political party seem to be as bland and lifeless as the next. Meanwhile, following the expenses scandal, MP’s have farmed out control of their wages to an independent body – and they’re whacking up MP’s pay by 11% while other public sector workers get no pay rise at all. The politicians all disagree with the increase but hey, they’re still going to accept it. They’ll still be earning a fat load more than you ever will.

For reasons I can’t quite comprehend, we’ve all reacted to this by shrugging our shoulders and saying, “Meh”. I think we’ve all had our gonads removed. Perhaps it’s the constant tirade of hate and shock peddled by newspapers like the Daily Mail. Who knows, but even when our own PM and US President Barack Obama take a bloody selfie at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela, we don’t react with disgust, we just shrug our shoulders. First Lady Michelle Obama on the other hand… oooh, she’s pissed. She’s a normal person. She’s not morphed into one of these weird political people who live on a totally different planet.


Just recently our PM, David Cameron, promoted the Help To Buy scheme with this utterly laughable photoshoot. Here’s one of the pictures you may have seen in the papers…


Ahh… purdee yeah? A single mom, her small child. They’ve been helped through the scheme to get their house. Groovy.

Ahh, but the trouble is, it’s all a load of bollocks. See that blonde lady there? She works at the local estate agents. She earns good money too. Her boyfriend is also an estate agent, and he’s obviously earning quite a bit too. I doubt they’ll need help to buy a house, especially when Sharon O’Donnell, the estate agent / house buyer in the photo just bought this ..


The full details have been exposed here, and it looks like the house hasn’t actually been sold. It’s all smoke an mirrors. Here’s Sharon at work. She is actually marketing the house right now. Honestly, get on Rightmove and buy it if you want. It’s up for sale. Not sold as David Cameron would have you believe.


So, if you hear anything from the government, take it with some salt. A lot of salt. Statistics? Promises? Schemes? It’s probably bollocks.