Last night I watched an old movie about hacking

The Net is a 19-year old film.. well, it’s nearly 20 years old now. It’s aged somewhat, put it that way. This is mainly because it’s all about computer hacking and identity theft. The computers, technology and a lot of the connectivity in this is extremely outdated now but a lot of it actually checks out technically.


However, there’s one line in the film that stands out. Sandra Bullock, plays the computer consultant who has her life hijacked and is surprised at how much the mysterious faceless organisation knew about her..

I don’t understand. Why me? Why me? I’m a nobody. I am nothing, but they knew, they knew everything about me. They knew what I ate, they knew what I drink, they knew what movies that I watch, they know where I was from, what cigarettes I used to smoke. Everything they did, they must have watched on the internet .. I don’t know. Our whole lives are on the internet..

Now. In 2014, that organisation is called ………… Google.