Hotpoint got back to me about the spelling mistakes..

Remember my blog about our fridge ? I’ll give you the short version. Our old fridge freezer decided it didn’t want to work any more. We’ve always had a Hotpoint fridge freezer but when our last one decided to turn itself into an oven we had to fork out (quite a bit of money) for a new fridge.

Trouble was, when it turned up, the instructions were really badly written and some parts didn’t make sense.

It might sound like a small thing, but even the deceptively simple fridge freezer is now quite a complex bit of kit and I like to be able to understand what I’ve purchased.


I received a tweet from Hotpoint after they spotted my post and they wanted to help. This I really appreciate, I do. I think it’s fantastic when companies proactively respond to things like this. I just wanted to flag it as a strange / annoying incident, but the company has taken the time out to tweet me and tell me how concerned they are about it.

Trouble is, considering that my post was about spelling mistakes in a manual, they’ve put “referance” instead of “reference” in their response. Doah. Face palm…

Either way. They want to help, and I appreciate that, so I’m chatting with them about the information they require to sort this out.