Chaos! Panic!

According to the dictionary, “Chaos” is ..

..a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.

Unfortunately, news outlets, including the usually-respected BBC, are so keen to print anything to do with inclement weather that a tiny amount of snow is now classed as causing “chaos”.


The pictures, taken by a local shop in Quarnford, show a light dusting of snow, but according to them ..

It’s chaos. It’s snowing but it is also very windy which is causing problems for lorries. We’ve also had a car skid onto the verge.

No, no. A car bumping the verge or kerb is NOT chaos. If there were hundreds of cars, perhaps on fire and upside down, maybe. If the houses were being bombed and there was a widespread blackout, possibly. 

A car skidding a bit?

Get a life. How the chuff did us Brits get through two world wars?