Guns in America

Many, many years ago I went to America. On this particular trip I went with some locals to a firing range and I put a post online about how this was so markedly different to most other countries in the world. Going to a firing range and seeing small children with their parents, shooting live rounds into a paper silhouette, was a bit strange.

I mentioned some other things, like the fact that I’d managed to walk in there, with nothing more than a passport, and got to fire some powerful weapons without much question.

The post received some bitter and angry responses. I got death threats, I had people telling me that I was insulting them and that I should perhaps “man up”. I had members of the NRA picking up the post from forums and it got worse and worse.

In the end I had to remove the post because the comments were getting really aggressive. All I’d done is mention how different this was to a usual “day out with the kids” back in the UK.

So, I’m posting this. Hopefully it won’t all kick off again..

Here’s the sweary-filled version …