Dear TV channels. Sort this stinking mess out.

For reasons that I really don’t care about, Sky Sports News is no longer called that. It’s now called “Sky Sports News HQ”, but on the Sky listings they can’t fit the HD channel name in, so it’s called “Sky Spts Nws HQ HD” or something insane. Hey, here’s an idea Sky…


Meanwhile, my Sky planner lists Channel 101 as my local BBC1 region. Trouble is, it’s in standard definition, which is crap in comparison to HD, so you have to flick up to channel 141, which is much clearer. Trouble is, despite ITV being able to do it, it’s “not possible” for the BBC to show local TV news (which is crap anyway) on the HD version of the channel. The BBC don’t seem to give a shit about this as it’s been the same way for absolutely ages.

Wait though, because Channel 102 on the Sky planner is BBC 2 HD. Great. That makes a bit more sense. Oh.. hang on though, because Channel 103 is the standard definition ITV. Why? Channel 178 is the HD version, and that shows local programming fine, so WHY IS IT not on Channel 103?

Don’t get me started on Channel 4, which is on 104 but broadcasts a perfectly fine HD Channel on 227. Swap it.

Oh, and also. I’m also coming to the conclusion that most of the channels on the digital platform are shit, and I’ll probably flick through the first 5 and then hop straight into on-demand content.