Goodbye (current format of) Top Gear..

A bit of a crap way for it all to end, but you really can’t get away with punching a colleague, no matter how you look at it. Especially when you rang your boss to admit it. Anyhow. Jeremy Clarkson will no doubt do a “Jonathan Ross” and hop across to another channel to continue on.

In this world of political correctness and the inability to say anything even mildly risque or against “modern Britain”, it’s tricky to be someone like Jeremy Clarkson. He speaks his mind and, to hell with the consequences. Unfortunately we’re now all taught to follow the rules, to dare not offend others no matter how strange and weird they may seem.

It’s good to hear that the BBC will carry on with Top Gear, and I hope they do a job job with the new presenters. I doubt James May and Richard Hammond will continue without Jeremy.

But for now it’s goodbye to Top Gear. Goodbye to a man who poked fun, didn’t play by the rules and generally stuck two fingers up at our modern and sanitised world.