PPI and accident claims specialists.

Yet another call today. This time on a SIM only activated two weeks ago.  The caller said..

“Hello, I’m from (Company name) Solicitors, it’s about the accident you had last year.”

Now, I get this quite a bit and it’s particularly annoying. I’ve tried putting the phone down, telling them not to call again and so on, but it happens again and again. So today I decided to get a bit well, childish.

“Oh yeah? The accident?”, says I.

“Yes”, says he, “it’s about the compensation and funds put aside for the accident and how we can proceed with this”.

“Ah right”, says I, “is that the accident you’re totally making up?”

I’ve not had an accident. Not in a long while anyhow. Several years ago I may have parked underneath a Range Rover, but despite me calling his bluff, he continued…

“No, no, I’m not making it up, we have a full record of the accident here. We can make a start…”

At this point I just told him to basically not call again, but these calls are so annoying and pointless.