CagesWorld – The UK’s No 1 ? I really don’t think so

If you’re looking for pet cages, bird cages or any other type of cage, this company will probably pop up on your Google search. They’re called CagesWorld and seems to have a massive range. They’re actually part of WorldStores but, in my humble opinion, both should be shut down or investigated.

Let me start with the the CagesWorld Google listing. It’s a sponsored link and will appear at the top of your search if you look for pet cages..

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 10.44.37

Ooo look. A rating of 4.6. That’s good right? Well no, this rating is from Feefo, and their rating are gained by ..

..suppliers volunteer to give ALL their customers (who have an email address) the opportunity to give public feedback, so anyone who has comments, both good and bad, that they want to say publicly can do so.

Rubbish. I was one of their customers and never had this email or this opportunity to leave feedback on Feefo. Worst of all, you can’t go and leave feedback on Feefo yourself without the link, so it’s misleading.

It’s a similar Feefo fudge for the parent company, which seems to have glowing reviews, as does TrustPilot. However, if you go and search on Google Reviews for the parent company – World Stores – you’ll find the reality of the situation.

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 10.50.35

See, what I don’t get is the fact the it’s universally bad on Google Reviews, with nearly every review being one star, but on TrustPilot and Feefo it’s relatively good.

Are they fudging the reviews to make themselves look good? Read on, because based on my experience, which involves a terrible lack of customer service and ropey handling of my order, I’d say that they’re not the best company in the world.

I ordered a cage from their handily renamed “Cages World” (which didn’t bring up these reviews on Google) and was told 3-4 weeks for delivery. I was fine with that, but a month later I’d heard nothing and the order update system still said “No info”.

I spent an hour on the phone to the number they don’t really promote on their site much, no answer.

Emailed. No answer.

Sent a tweet and miraculously got a response. Was told that cage was out of stock. I asked how long they had known that it was out of stock but was told that they didn’t know this.

I asked why they hadn’t informed me, but they didn’t know that either.

Asked for refund, which they didn’t want to give me. They wanted me to order something else but I had then found those Google Reviews.

It took them two weeks to process the refund, so they kept my money for almost 7 weeks. Avoid. You will be told that phones aren’t answered because they’re ” busy ” or “moving call centres” or some other such nonsense.

So for me, this is a terrible company with little or no care for customers. They have a phone number (only available after searching Google) which is never answered and don’t respond to email. They also don’t tell you about what’s happening with your order.

What gets me about the TrustPilot reviews is that there’s an obvious trend of one-star reviews, followed by a glut of well-written and very similar 5-star reviews. It’s all very dubious indeed, and based on my experience I wouldn’t use them ever again.