Laura Kuenssberg just nailed it. This is why the #EUReferendum is so confusing

Apart from the fact that we don’t fully believe what either “camp” is saying, there’s a whole lot more making us confused about the EU Referendum. The big decision is just around the corner, but ask most people and they’ll probably be undecided.

Tonight a programme on BBC2, headed up by BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, was broadcast to try and offer a balanced view of the “better together” or “brexit” decision. I believe this, which she gave to camera, sums it up for most people..

What’s difficult about this decision, that we have to be honest about, is that it is all a bit of a gamble. You’re being asked to choose between a hypothetical universe outside the European Union, or staying in something that is already changing. There is a lot that no politician and no expert can tell you.

There’s a lot that we just don’t know.

So without certainty, you’re left with two visions of how we might win, or how we might use.