The countdown to the #EUref – Brexit

Hello. In a couple of days we, the British public, have to make a colossal decision about whether we’ll stay in Europe.

The EU isn’t perfect, but at least we know what it is. Leaving it will be a huge destabilising decision. You’d expect the exit camp to have a solid argument. They don’t. They have a big slogan on their bus which is a complete lie. Meanwhile, the “Remain” camp can only bang on about the economy.

Anyhow. John Oliver absolutely nails it…

Remember this.

Even if we exit the EU and want to close our borders then we’ll probably have to exit the single market too. If British companies want to trade with the EU, we’ll probably have to abide to European trade laws including free movement.

So, don’t choose “Exit” just because you want to stop immigration, because people will still be smuggling themselves in trucks and we’ll probably still have to submit to a whole host of trade laws in order to continue doing business with Europe.

The Europe we have now is a bit shite. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the alternative.