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Welcome to California

So, Trump is busy making America great again. He’s prioritising America, giving Americans position 1, 2 and 3. Let’s take a cycle through California shall we? Oh, and little heads up for you. This video is a full 10 minutes long. Read more →

Donald Trump gets sassy

America has gone truly insane. There’s nothing else you can say. Bat shit fucking crazy. They’ve voted a guy in who encouraged fake news about his opponent and now he doesn’t like supposedly fake news about him. This is a guy who courts publicity then goes utterly mental on Twitter when a news outlet isn’t singing his tune. He doesn’t… Read more →

Another school shooting in the USA

I’m being harsh, but this is what’ll happen now.. 1 – Lots of people / children will be hurt or will be dead. 2 – We’ll probably find out that it’s a lone gunman with a gripe of some sort. 3 – Americans will be united in their grief. 4 – Nothing serious will be done about the easy availability… Read more →