Donald Trump gets sassy

America has gone truly insane. There’s nothing else you can say. Bat shit fucking crazy. They’ve voted a guy in who encouraged fake news about his opponent and now he doesn’t like supposedly fake news about him. This is a guy who courts publicity then goes utterly mental on Twitter when a news outlet isn’t singing his tune. He doesn’t like his own security forces. He doesn’t like Mexico or any other country supplying America and he’s still going to own a stack load of companies and those will STILL be receiving cash from abroad even whilst he’s US President.

It’s a completely fantastical and insane situation… and it’s really happening. An orange-faced baboon who gets mad when someone tells him that he can’t play with his toys. He’s IN CHARGE! It’s like putting a toddler in charge of a gun.

So, here he is being a prat, but with a funny voice added on so that we can all laugh and point at the dozy tango-shaded penis..