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Day 2 of our Virgin Media outage

I’m a brand new customer. So far I’ve had really good speeds but a botched install and I’ve never been able to use the “On Demand” system because it was broken on my first attempt. Yesterday they said it would be fixed by lunchtime tomorrow. Now though, the fix time has been put back and it’ll take even longer to… Read more →

npower – An utter failure

Right, just to bring you up to speed in case you’re following my npower tale of woe. Firstly this happened, then it got worse. Last week I called npower. I called their official complaints line that they’d told me to call in their online apology. It was 5.15PM. I was in a queue for exactly 15 minutes, then I got… Read more →

npower – Can it get any worse? Yes, yes it can

Four days ago I wrote about npower. I’ll give you the short version. Basically, npower chose to whack up their prices so we decided to leave and switch to another provider. We successfully moved in November and switched across to Scottish Power. Days later npower made nearly 1,500 people redundant. Time went by. npower told me that my final bill… Read more →

Government pissing money away..

You may have heard about the £469 million that the Government wasted on big Fire and Rescue service control rooms. The IT system never arrived and everything was rushed, but still the Government are paying to lease the buildings. The Beeb had a look inside one of the 8 unused centres today. They’re costing the tax payer £4 million PER… Read more →