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My goal, the big London to Paris bike ride… Done!

There’s a few things I’ve learned after doing a London to Paris ride on a mountain bike. The first is that us Brits are pretty short tempered. On our way through London and beyond we got yelled at by drivers merely for just riding together – even though we were single file. Other drivers had no consideration and came too… Read more →

Fun signs on the Tube

You’ve probably seen this before but it’s still going on and the signs are getting better and better. I don’t know who’s responsible for detecting and removing these but they must be a nightmare to spot as they’re so well done. Get more pictures here. Read more →

The Games are over. Now we must change.

Here in the UK we’re familiar with a never ending air of cynicism and pessimism. Daily complaining and whinging is part of life for some, and it’s one thing that annoys me. Newspapers like The Daily Mail are keen to jump on any failure, slip-up or change. They twist truths and deride any attempt to improve the status quo. Meanwhile,… Read more →


The majority of kids and teenagers in the UK are fine, upstanding people. These people, well.. they just sicken me. [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=327J3ISiVOU’] More info here Read more →