The Games are over. Now we must change.


Here in the UK we’re familiar with a never ending air of cynicism and pessimism. Daily complaining and whinging is part of life for some, and it’s one thing that annoys me. Newspapers like The Daily Mail are keen to jump on any failure, slip-up or change. They twist truths and deride any attempt to improve the status quo.

Meanwhile, in the comments and letters sections of many local and national newspapers, people complain about the Government, councils and how generally rubbish their life is.

The Olympics has shown Britain something, and I really hope people learn from it. Moaning will not fix anything. Complaining to the world about your “lot” will perhaps make you feel better, but tomorrow it’ll be exactly the same. Only you can make a change.

The pop-stars and models of the closing ceremony may have sent a slightly mixed message to the younger generation. What we need to learn is that these pop acts make Britain a vibrant and famous country, but the athletes have sent the real message. Hard work, determination and never giving up.

The pressures are great. Money is tight and we’re in a recession, but if you work hard, dig in and think positive, you can achieve great things.