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What the fuck America?

Seriously. Where do you start with this? Another shooting in America. Another police office shoots another black man. This time though, it’s all captured on a mobile phone, and it’s been uploaded to YouTube… by the GIRLFRIEND OF THE GUY WHO GOT SHOT!? The guy was pulled over, apparently because the rear lights weren’t working properly on the car. According… Read more →

Hit and run…

Now, I’ve got no real idea what’s going on here but this looks to be a couple of drivers in Chicago, USA who really aren’t getting on all that well. The driver in the black car doesn’t seem to have a fantastic grip on the whole “driving” business, but somehow – after getting provoked and indeed attacked by the taxi… Read more →

Live from the Armed Police incident on the M6 Toll

I’m constantly amazed by the power of Twitter. Right there, just minutes after Police stopped the coach, I’ve found out that it’s a Megabus and even have a picture, all thanks to updates posted by @rupertevelyn and someone in traffic – @barryjarvis. People are saying that liquid was being poured into a container, but it’s a little too early to… Read more →