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Ahhh… The early days of satellite television

There’s an old Comet store near me (now long gone) which still has a BSB Squariel on the side. As with the VHS / Betamax war, the inferior technology won the battle. In the early days of Sky TV the dish was pretty huge and many houses still have them anchored to their walls, complete with rusting bolts. They sit… Read more →

iPlayer on Sky+ – AT LAST!

BBC iPlayer coming to Sky+ on October 30th. At last. I might have something to actually bloody watch! Currently the offerings from ITV Player, Demand 5, Sky TV and Sky Sports plus ALL of the movies and the other on-demand libraries are pretty bobbins. Read more →

Sky TV on the cheap, someone is getting rich

If you’re getting a little miffed with the high cost of Sky TV then there’s an alternative which is growing in popularity. For for 15 quid you can get a Dreambox satellite receiver, install some sharing software on it and then get it talking to other boxes which do have valid Sky cards. It’s all explained on sites like this… Read more →