Can they offer hacked Sky? Well, not quite, but you can get Sky cheap

The BBC recently covered the illegal Sky TV packages being sold by local shops and online retailers.

The boxes in question are called “Skybox” and you can find them on eBay. It’s then a matter of flashing some firmware, but there are eBay sellers offering up channel bundles. From what I can see it’s just a matter of giving the “Skybox” a supplier URL for the encryption codes etc. The official Sky Cards are “shared” so you can find several peoplem with the aid of these boxes, using one

Descriptions on eBay seem to show these “tweaked” Skybox F5 boxes as including “gift packages”, which are usually all the movies and Sky Sports channels.

It’s a murky and dodgy world where your support is on the end of a address and you may have to re-pay if it stops working.