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Virgin Media. Please, you need to listen to this.

Guys, I’ve been a customer since February and I’ll dive right in with my list of recommendations. There is, if you have a look around the t’internet, a positive SEA of negative comments surrounding this company. I’ll be honest, I’ve had problems. I’ve had a number of problems. The installation was messy and they turned my neighbours drive into a… Read more →

Hello Virgin Media..

I’ve recently switched to Virgin Media. I wrote a large and rather geeky feature about it. The broadband speed is good. Very good. In fact, if you get your WiFi setup right then you can easily get more than you’re paying for. Here, for example, is my 200Mbps broadband speed test.. Trouble is, today is Tuesday and none of the… Read more →

Beat-boxing bird

Remember the original Levi advert with Mr Oizo? The first few adverts didn’t show the product or mention it. It was just the puppet bopping away to the tune for 30 seconds. It worked big time.. Now there’s another one, and I’ve no idea what it’s advertising … It is rather good though … http://youtu.be/QsAOVAUgw80 Read more →

Everything you see on TV is fake

Hard-working fishermen. Hard-working fishermen singing. They’re coming home after a long, hard day. They’re eating Youngs Breaded Cod. It’s a brilliant British advert… Here they come, singing as they stroll back with their fish. These hard-working men caught this fish. They braved the waves and the weather, to bring us fish… Here’s the kids, waiting patiently for their Dads to… Read more →