Rapture TV !

So here I am – stuck at home on a saturday night. My missus is on a night flight (she’s a stewardess) so I’m unfortunately stuck at home. Thanks to channel 265 on Sky, plus the Slinky night (right)… life ain’t too bad. :)

What’s on 265 ? Well, here in the UK we’ve now got Digital TV everywhere – from transmitters on the ground and in space. If you have the latter, you get hundreds of the buggers. One channel which has had a few problems, is Rapture TV on channel 265. It’s been cut off many times after failing to pay it’s way, but it’s back and it rocks your TV with the latest in dance music, all piped and streamed live from top venues such as Gatecrasher and Slinky in Bournemouth. They’re currently banging out some completely mental hard house from DJ Lisa Lashes, which is damned good!!! Check it out.

Rapture TV