Worlds Wildest…

Is there anyone else out there who thinks that Sheriff John Bunnell from Worlds Wildest Police Videos is a bit of a fruit-loop ?? And to think he used to be a Sheriff… Can you imagine him stopping you ?

“Hi, I’m Sheriff John Bunnell – I saw you blast down the break-down lane in your Chevvy cruiser, possibly DUI while cutting off a police ve…hicle. You’re going down to the state jail…”

He’s almost as orange as the Duke (David Dickinson from Bargain Hunt). Some of his classic quotes include …

“In this case it was Out of the frying pan, into the jail cell..”

“He makes a mad dash for the exit,
but this cops wits are faster than him”

“Before parking behind that dump truck, make sure that DUMP truck driver isn’t a DUMB truck driver”

“This joy-rider thought he was going to have a swell ride
…but all he got was a short ride in the back of a cruiser to jail.”

Does he speak like that in everyday life? And why is everybody always a ‘suspect’? I mean, innocent until proven guilty is fair enough, but when you see the video of them running out of the bank with a shotgun in their hands, that’s pretty damn conclusive if you ask me.

And as for the odd British clip (there aren’t many actually – in fact, why the programme is called “Worlds Wildest” is beyond me – they’re all from the USA) .. The British clips get re-dubbed my American voice overs.. And the accents are terrible.. They attempt some sort of Dick Van Dyke accent. Imagine the scene – a couple of Police Volvo V70’s are flying up the M6, chasing after some nut in a Porsche.. but over the top is this bad voice-dubbing…

“I say Joe, he’s going mighty quickly” (They’re doing about 95mph – which is the norm for the M6)

“Get PC Smith out at the next turn-off and have him box the chappie in will you. I’ll radio the other units and have them come around us, then we can jolly-well catch him.”

Ahh no.. in reality, the original clip probably went like this…

“Come on Joe, put ya bloody foot down – the little s**t is making me late for our lunch…”

“Oi! Smithy! Get in front of him and slam your anchors on mate, let’s get him off here – then we can get to the Burger King at Junction 15.”

Anyway.. just my thoughts… :)