Welcome on in 2004!

Here we are, well into 2004. I hope you all had a great New Year and a great Christmas. Normal service should now be resumed here at coolsmartphone.com .. at least now I’ve sobered up. It’s been another totally un-white Christmas here in merry ‘ole England. Wet, windy and very warm (global warming anyone?)

We can today announce that we’ve been crowned the biggest Microsoft Smartphone website on the web !!! (As judged by coolsmartphone.com last night after several pints of lager).
Ahh – I jest. I think I’ve lost the plot…Why ? Why ? I’ll tell you why..

What is it that makes people moan about spending hours shopping for Christmas presents, then on Boxing Day they rush out AGAIN at 9AM to queue for some sofa in the DFS sale ? Why do people do this ? Stay in bed!!! What’s wrong with you people ? I reckon these people are the exact same people who go out and buy the “Cheeky Girls” CD. Listen, you should do ALL your Christmas shopping on the 23rd and 24th of December and you WILL NOT buy the “we had this knocking about the warehouse and we couldn’t sell it” crap in the New Years sales. Stay at home, get drunk… it’s much, much better.

I have to admit that I was dragged into River Island, Topman etc recently.. what did I find? Well, I found about 6000 other people. I also found 15 crappy t-shirts, all in either “S” or “XXXL” .. Sale my arse. 50% off ? My arse. Wait until Spring and buy some stuff without being crushed. Oh, and while watching TV I noticed lots of Nokia ringtone adverts.. Why? Why do people pay for these? STOP spending