My monthly rant

This rant is sponsored in part by many cans of Kronenbourg 1664

(Strange rant begin)

I tell you what – life is weird. I used to work at Safeway. I used to count tins of beans – that was my job… pretty much. A couple of years down the line and I’ve changed my job a few times, learned some Cisco, networking, DNS, internet related gubbins… I’ve met Bill Gates in Seattle, I’ve moved into our own place with my missus. Heck, I even started a little website called Tins of beans one day, Bill Gates the next.

We went on holiday recently – we managed to get a flight with Virgin Atlantic – there on board was Sir Richard Branson. I said hello to him.. he was on his way to his private island – Necker. How much weirder can my life get ?

I don’t wanna blow sunshine up my own a**e here – I’m just your average bloke who works hard, drinks beer and swears at people who decide to do 65mph in the third lane of the M6.

We watched a bit of TV one day on holiday – I’ll try not to mention the American cable TV with the “low Carb Atkins approved meals” at Wendys or the “no caffeine” drinks which have more sugar in them than a packet of Silver Spoon .. sorry, just found it crazy – IF YOU WANNA LOSE WEIGHT, EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE! … where was I ? Oh yeah, I came back from hols and watched the SuperBowl on TV..

… shall I mention it?

Janet Jacksons breast. Was it that much of a deal? She’s trying to promote her new song (it’s a bit bland if you ask me) .. there was even velcro on her top.. but yet they reckoned it was an “accident”. The TV networks blamed the producers, MTV. MTV said it was an accident. Then Janet said it was an ac……. boring. Really boring. What gets me – and .. please, I love our US friends. I really do. But just read this. A Tennessee woman has sued Janet Jackson for this breast stunt, saying that she is owed monetary damages for exposure to lewd conduct.

Ugh… I won’t go on. I won’t attack Janet Jackson too much – let’s face it, you have to do SOMETHING to promote your new record with a brother like that. ;)

But I’ve drifted off track. What I wanted to say was.. my life is weird, but when you come back and check this site and see 50,000 people registered – you think ..

“F**& !!! 50,000 people! I can’t imagine that many people. What the smeg happened here?! 50 THOUSAND!”

Just think – if you guys gave me a quid each, I could sell my knackered 1995 car and get a spanking new BMW M3…. Whatcha reckon? Deal?


(Rant end)