Best advert ever!

Regular visitors will know that I have a tendancy to waffle quite a bit and waste bandwidth. Never mind eh? :) Well, I just had to mention this seriously deranged advert – it’s stuff like this (plus the large amount of lager) that helps me maintain my own mental state… Absolutely fantastic stuff.

(By the way, if the link above doesn’t work, right-click here to download it instead).

If you’re gonna try and watch this advert you’ll probably be wanting broadband, ‘cus it’s a bit big. Now, see – this is where you guys can do me a favour. If you’re in the UK and you’re on a sloooowwww dial-up connection, bin it. Go on, chuck it in the bin – you’re living in the dark ages. Hey – DON’T think that the “15.99 a month AnyTime” dial-up service is any good either, ‘cus it’s not – it’s still 56k – which is slow.

Wait – you must have heard about “Tiscali Broadband with free modem” – no .. no… this is actually a large pile of arse. It’s not true broadband ‘cus you’re only getting 150Kbps, which is about the speed of an ISDN line.. which is …arse. Just believe me – get 512 Kbps (it’s also known as “half meg” broadband) at the VERY LEAST, or you’re being conned. Now – this is where you guys can do me a favour. See…

I gotta be honest – this site is massive… it’s getting so big now that if coolsmartphone entered a fat contest it’d win first, second and third. We’re using about 2 GIG of webspace (which is quite a bit!) and bandwidth is running at 30 GIG a week (which is a whole load of big-ness!) .. Now I can do one of several things to pay for all this ..

1) Make you guys pay to download stuff (not cool)

2) Ask you guys to donate (which doesn’t happen too often)

3) Rely on banner ads (which rarely work or pay much)

4) Rely on a rock solid ISP and hosting company under the understanding that they (Internet Central) are gonna get some business back.

…at present I’m hopping between number (2) and number (4). So, if you, or your boss, your network manager or technical director is looking for a web hosting company, or a broadband provider, or SMTP mail services, international ISP access, dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, SDSL, Leased Line, Microwave connectivity or routers, modems, wi-fi connections – give Internet Central a call today. You can get mega fast internet (and I’m not joking here – check ADSLGuide for proof!!!! Internet Central beat pretty much everyone for speed, customer service and reliability!) for just 19.99 a month.

If you want big Internet Solutions, then give them a shout – they can host an entire server or several if you wish, plus there’s generator power backups, full air-con’d data centres and redundant links a-plenty!

If you want anything to do with the Internet, contact Internet Central. Serious about the Internet ? Then be serious about your provider. Internet Central.