Monday hangover

Don’t ever mix wine and lager – it’s a bad combination… Oooo my head. I feel like I’ve been in a fight or something.. who knows, I could’ve been – I’ve got no recollection of what happened last night after I started mixing drinks. Don’t do it people, it’s not big or clever…

Talking about big, I was trawling through my Spam folder this morning and found this lovely item. I blurted it across the office too..

“36 hours? Who wants an erection for 36 hours?”

The problems are endless. Sure, it’s great for a bit I’m sure – but a day and a half? What if you have to go to work the next day ? Damn.. I’ve got to get fuel..

“Pump number 4 please”

“Ermm, Sir – could you put a towel on that or something ?”

It’d be even worse if you get the bus or train to work, although I’m guessing it’d give you somewhere to hang your coat if it gets warm.