Friday Ramblings..

I’m gonna have a word with Yahoo!. All I wanted to do was a quick search – but no, instead I get a big advert telling me about the Yahoo! Formula 1 Babes… BLAMMO! Just one quick click and before you know it I’ve wasted 30 minutes looking at very nice ladies in very little clothing.

It’s the camera-men I worry about though – I mean, it’s quite clear that this poor camera man has fell over and perhaps pushed the camera man next to him too. I can’t see any other reason why they’d take a photo at that angle… ;D

Anyways.. onto other topics.. … …. wait.. perhaps it’s time for a pint of Fosters… DAMN! That’s good advertising isn’t it? A babe in a Fosters outfit on the monitor is all it takes for me to drink huge quantities of lager..

I can’t remember what I was searching for on Yahoo! now.. was it something for the site ? Well, if it was, all I’ve found now is pictures of F1 Girls.. so, you’ll have to have that instead… Oh.. wait a minute.. here’s a vaguely connected picture below. Look, erm.. they’re sponsored by Orange. WOo! :)