Off line…

Computers are great until they go wrong. Now, even though Windows XP has got a System Restore option, a “Last Known Good Config” option etc.. Somehow, I still managed to f*** the thing up big style. All I was trying to do was remove NetSupport from my lappy (a sorta remote-control program) and use Remote Desktop instead.

Now, I decided to do something I’d never advise people to do, which is to muck around with RegEdit. Now… Y’see NetSupport takes control of the screen, and it grabs a dll file called “GinaDLL” – somehow, through a slip of the fingers or too much beer, I’ve deleted / mangled pretty much anything to do with displaying the login screen, which is kinda bad. Even the System Recovery thing won’t work because – for no reason at all – my Administrator password isn’t recognised.

So I’m knackered – I’ve got the Blue Screen of Death every time I boot.. sob.. sob… So – if you have sent me an email during the past week – you may need to resend it.. :(