Back from the Welsh hills…

So, I’m back from Wales. A beautiful country, but for some reason, I wish there was a big-ass motorway through the middle of it so I could get around quicker. :)

Right. First of all, I have an axe to grind. What the FECK is going on with the Motorola MPx220 AGAIN ??! We ran a big front page story about the release of this handset, and then days later Motorla pull the whole lot off their site. No announcements, no images, nothing. Still – yes STILL we have no official Press Release from Motorola (they’ve announced the phone on their images / info pages, but not a full Motorola Press Release).. I’m lost. I really am. What the chuff is going on? It’s a FANTASTIC phone, but it seems to be getting hushed up.

On the other hand, we have fantastic reviews of the Orange SPV C500. This handset has popped its’ head onto the scene quickly and is getting some glowing remarks from the industry. WhatMobile have been singing the praises of the C500, saying that the battery “lasted a whole week” and that the new MS Smartphone “rocks big time”.

It is good, and it’s something reviewers should be saying about the MPx220 too! :)