Go on, you know you want to !! :)

I don’t like doing this, but I gotta. In fact, I even had an email just saying, “What a top site! You should charge a membership fee!” Now, I’m not going to do that (‘cus I know how much I’d grumble if I was forced to pay!) :) However, this site is bloody pricey, plus I spent 4 hours replying to emails and adding new news / articles / downloads yesterday. Sob, sob, whinge. ;)

Sooo, I’d like to crawl, on my knees, with cap-in-hand, to you good, good people. Running a house is pricey, as are the shopping demands of my lovely lovely fiancee :) Y’know, I have to continually explain why I’m hunched over, furiously hammering away at my joypad nightly. “Oi you!”, she says, “You should be doing some of this chuffin’ ironing, not farting about on that laptop!”.. “Yes darling”, says I, “but it’s the site I run and .. and…” … you get the idea…

So, if you guys could find your way clear to sub me a fiver – or a tenna… or twenty quid… or more if your feeling uber-rich.. Either way, it’d be greatly appreciated. This, at least, will stop me having to explain to the missus why I’m chucking loads of money out of the account per month to pay for hosting and bandwidth ! :)

Click on one of the buttons below if you enjoy and use the site to help me out..

All monies received go towards paying for this site, which gets the missus off my back! :)

(Edit – Links now fixed – thanks to Steve Francis for pointing this out!) :)

Please guys, if you haven’t done so, gimme a leg-up so I can continue the good work!