Stop the world.. I wanna get off

Last night the bird was flicking around the various Holiday TV channels for the latest bargains. Anyone with Sky TV pretty much knows that after channel 600 you’re into QVC, “Bid Up TV” and “Shop TV” territory, which is bad…

But then I stumbled upon channel 694.. It’s called “The Advert Channel” .. it shows 24 hour ……………..adverts… in fact, it’s billed as …

“Bringing you the best adverts from all over the world”…

Their website is even worse, and boasts of the non-stop living hell to befall you if you watch it. Programmes include….

“Ad Chat, where presenters will chat live about the top TV adverts”
“Advert Focus, looking at ads making the news”
“Adverts for You, featuring the adverts that make you laugh, cry and those that are controversial”
“Adverts Today, a behind-the-scenes look at how top adverts are made.”

Adverts are what we’re FORCED to go through in order to watch a programme. It’s like when we’re forced to wait for a bus, or forced to fill in a form to get a passport – we don’t want a channel dedicated to it! I mean! What next ? … Perhaps..

Doctors waiting room channel?

Filling the car up with fuel channel?

Cutting your toenails channel?

The dentists chair channel?

AGH! Who in their right mind wants to watch adverts all day? This is total, utter… wait.. wait a minute.. that Lucy bird looks nice.. I might give it a look…. ;)