Apologies in advance

Here’s an email one of you guys forwarded to me today. Again, totally un-politically correct.. but there you go… Please, if you’re gonna complain, forward it to [email protected] :)

Looks like an ordinary story doesn’t it – but can you spot the hidden Chav family ?


Tips …

1 – “He drove home their other kids, Chelsea, 15, Sharney, 12, Shae, six, and Kaitlen, two.” AGH!

2 – “Her partner Dave Zidane, 32” … Zidane ?? Who’s called “Zidane!??!” Doesn’t he play with Steve Ronaldo, Keith Figo and Pete Carlos?

3 – “Kirsty stayed with Bradley and best pal Caroline Baigent, 34, and her daughter, Chanelle, 11.” … CHANELLE?!?!

4 – Kirsty (the mother who broke down) is 29, her youngest is 15 – which means she was 14 when she had the baby.

5 – Mr Zidane (her “partner”), was 17 when he got her pregnant… and she was probably 13.

6 – Nine months of preganancy. So Kirstys’ mum would have been getting child benefit for her, while she’d be getting child benefit for Chelsea. Bonus. Wow – it’s like some kind of strange birthing estate pyramid scheme.

7 – They believe Essex is somewhere to go on “holiday”.

8 – They sold their story as an “Exclusive” to The Sun Newspaper.

NOTE!! Don’t blame me for this email either – I’m just forwarding it. Poor Kirsty was stuck with all her kids, without the RAC.. just think yourself lucky I’m not including the “Like throwing a sausage up an alley..” or ” feeding a tictac to a whale” or “Standing a matchstick up in the Albert Hall” comments … … :)

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