Boozy Weekend

As mentioned earlier, I had a rather blurry weekend thanks to the demon drink. Getting so utterly and completely trolleyed is a rather complex and interesting journey. It’s just like arranging a trip, and either requires careful attention to detail or sheer minute-by-minute reckless decision making :) I think it was the latter :)

All this due to a wedding of someone I work with. This is when the journey started – after leaving the church we “stopped off” for a drink at the local pub before we even got to the reception. :) The next phase of my ultimate journey into pissed-ville was – after reaching the reception – deciding that they weren’t serving beer quick enough. We hopped across the road to a half-empty pub, where service was much quicker.

By this stage any idea of driving anywhere had long gone out of the window, so I managed to sort a bed for the night at a work-mates house. This, my friends, was step three on my journey. Having not to drive anywhere is like getting a key to the funhouse. It’s “all lights to green” and let’s have a LOT more lager.. :) Even better, when you’re at a wedding, is that people buy drinks in rounds, so you get a round, they get a round, then someone you know a little gets a round, then someone you’ve just met gets a round in, then.. woah.. the floor is moving by itself maaaann… In fact, every time you turn around there’s another drink on the table. “Who’s is this”, I say, as yet another cool lager has appeared next to my almost-empty glass. “Oh, it’s yours, Bob bought it.” .. who’s Bob? Dunno… Did I speak to him ? Dunno.. Ah well, ta very much loik :)

Suffice to say that after eventually falling into bed at around 3AM I was pretty much done. The next morning I was muttering the immortal phrase “never again”, and yet – somehow that last can of lager in the fridge vanished last night too :)